Who We Are and What We Do

Funding Charitable Projects 

Our mission is to improve the lives of people living in Elmbridge, by providing grants to small local charities for specific projects and initiatives. We believe that by providing valuable funding we can give these non-profit organisations the time to focus on what matters most; Improving lives and improving Elmbridge.


We are dedicated to supporting all areas of Elmbridge so that we can all benefit from improvements in our community. Helps us to make Elmbridge a better place.    

Welcome to Elmbridge Philanthropy

A Helping Hand in Our Community.

At Elmbridge Philanthropy, we believe in supporting local initiatives by providing grants and funding for specific projects aimed at improving our local community.

The charity aims to bring together businesses and individuals to encourage them to support charities and voluntary organisations in the Elmbridge area, by providing a sustainable income generation to enable them to continue to support those who need it most. 

How we help

Volunteers on Construction Site

Providing grants

We work with local businesses and individuals to raise donations that can be used to provide sustainable, long-term funding and grants for local charities and specific initiatives. This could be anything from funding the local scout group to joint funding of large-scale building projects in Elmbridge.

Working in partnership

We believe that we can have a greater impact by partnering with other funds and charities. That is why we often work with other local funds to provide larger grants that allow charities to have a greater impact.

Improving the community

We believe that it is important to acknowledge that in all areas of the UK there are people who are in need of support. Even in one of the wealthiest boroughs in Surrey, there are people who can benefit from our aid. By pooling donations, we can help dedicated groups and charities to make sure that those  in need are not being forgotten.

"When one neighbour helps another, we strengthen our communities."

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