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Reaching out to the isolated

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

In July 2018, Elmbridge Philanthropy partnered with Elmbridge Borough Council and Walton Charity to create the Elmbridge Partnership Fund. The total sum donated by the three partners amounted to £31,000 and will be used to fund not for profit organisations supporting isolated members of the Elmbridge community.

There are 130,900 people living in the Elmbridge area, making it the third most populated of Surrey’s 11 district and boroughs. Although the level of poverty in Elmbridge is lower than the national average, there are significant pockets of deprivation across the borough and approximately 8% of children (under-16s) live in poverty. Elmbridge has a number of socially isolated neighbourhoods which are significantly more deprived than the rest of the borough, characterised by higher levels of social housing and limited public transport. This new partnership will see financial support given to organisations with a particular focus on assisting residents located in these isolated areas.

Simon Lewis, Chairman of Elmbridge Philanthropy said:

"So far ECF has only been able to contribute to small projects in the Elmbridge borough, but this new partnership means that we are able to work together with larger charitable organisations to combine funds and make a bigger impact on the community. We are excited to be working in partnership with Elmbridge Borough Council and Walton Charity and look forward to seeing how the fund is used to benefit those most in need."

Andrea Watson, Head of Community Programmes at Walton Charity commented:

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with Elmbridge Borough Council and Elmbridge Philanthropy, to offer funding to local organisations addressing social isolation, which is increasingly recognised as a major concern in our local community. Walton Charity particularly wants to work with, and fund, others who have innovative approaches to funding to address such issues”.

The funding partners are particularly keen to receive applications from small organisations or groups. If your organisation is thinking of applying for this funding and requires support, Voluntary Action Elmbridge are happy to help you. Please contact them on 01372 463587 or email:

For further guidance or to download a copy of the application form and guidelines, please visit the Elmbridge Borough Council webpages.

For applicants requiring hard copies, or information in a different format, please contact Gail McKenzie, Voluntary and Support Services Manager on

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